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100% Organic Rwanda Green Tea (Sencha-style)

Each cup can be re-infused at least 2-3 times!


Single origin, Sencha-style green tea from Rwanda (steamed like a Japanese green, not fried like a Chinese green). Selected as "Best Green Tea" at the Africa Tea Convention, this award-winning tea is hand-harvested and steamed with no oxidation, creating a fresh, smooth tea with mild astringency and high antioxidants.  This is a premium grade OP which means we pluck only the top two leaves and they are twisted, leaving the full flavor and health benefits to be enjoyed.


  • No sweeteners, preservatives or artificial flavoring
  • 100% natural, contains natural caffeine found in the L. Camellia Sinensis family
  • Steeping time: 3-5 minutes for 250 mll/8fl.oz - Water that has barely reached a boil and then cooled a couple of minutes is ideal for green teas. Try to use 160 – 185ºF (71 – 85ºC).
  • If you use an infuser, it is best to remove the infuser after your tea is done steeping. Note that while teas may be used for multiple infusions, ultimately this is influenced by your preferred strength of tea and personal experience, although there are differing opinions about optimal tea brewing. Find out what suits you best and enjoy the experience!


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100% Organic Rwanda Green Tea (Sencha-style)

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