Herbal Tea

Herbal Teas are not from the Camellia Sinensis plant and as such have no caffeine

All our blends of herbs, fruits and spices pass the strict health regulations. We can guarantee that they are free of any pesticide or other harmful residues.

All our blends are whole loose leafs.

We avoid cutting or tearing of leafs so that we lock in all the health benefits and leave our customers with the best tasting brew of our unique tea blends!

For wholesale pricing please contact us directly using our online contact form or email us at info@drinkourhig.com.


To avoid oxidation, it is important to store loose tea or tea bags in an airtight jar. If it is not stored properly, even the best tea will deteriorate which is essentially caused by the change of substances in tea.

Our Vision - A world where consumption of natural, and organic tea products is a daily routine.

 Self-Care starts with Tea

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