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Hi Everyone!


I am the girl who absolutely loves a delicious cup of Spicy Hibiscus Tea, full of flavor, fun and flare, that’s meekest, and a good cucumber and avocado salad. Yes, I love to cook, and create dishes that are flavorful, made with whole plant-based foods and create some amazing hibiscus tea blend to sooth your palate.

What’s Brewing?

We believe that living a quality of life includes the opportunity to understand what you are doing to yourself, how you treat your body, what you put in your body and what happens once you nurture your body, and the benefits of using whole plant-based foods.

The Hibiscus & Whole Food classes include Lifestyle and Education, so you will receive great resources while you can watch me prepare all kinds of whole food plant-based recipes.

Classes are offered for individuals and groups.


Are you ready to steep?

Contact us to join any of our upcoming classes.

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