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Research & Tea

There is nothing new about tea, and while it is the second most consumed beverage after water, we still find a lack of knowledge about the benefits of consuming tea and reducing the risk of diseases.

Research about the benefits of tea consumption is critical in a world where chronic disease is no longer an exception, and where health disparities persist. Something to consider is the fact that chronic disease presents itself at younger age groups, wherefore we at Drink Our Hi-G want to focus our attention on all consumers and potential consumers.

Did you know that the plant-based community is rapidly growing in the U.S.? So why not talk about the most obvious plant-based beverage, and find out what's in a cup of tea?

Our research team of students in the field of public health, and with expertise in nutrition, community-based participatory research and more, will present you relevant information, host events on social media, conduct surveys and bring events to you and your community.

Are you ready to talk about Tea? Learn how to network in the plant-based community and develop social marketing campaigns that impact the public's health? Do you want to do something more creative with your public health experience? Let's dig a little deeper and go beyond our cup. Stay connected and follow us on social media @drinkourteas

Are you interested in joining our research team for an internship? Click here and contact us, indicate your current enrollment status, your institution name and expected date of graduation.

Our Research Team


Since 2019, we have engaged diverse communities through In-person and Virtual Tea Tasting activities, to educate the masses about the role of tea in daily nutrition, and nutrition behavior change, and to address knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors around plant-based beverages such as tea leaves, herbs, roots, fruits, and spices.

Why Research

From the environment we create to our team of public health, nutrition, and business development experts, we strive to create healthier communities. Our tea tasting services align with eco-friendly practices and global efforts to reduce elements contributing to climate change. At Drink Our Hi-G, we provide consultations for clients to prepare special events using tea as a part of their menu, coach clients who seek to improve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health by reducing harmful food products and incorporate options that have been shown to reduce health disparities based on scientific evidence.

Practicum Qualifications

  • Strong computer skills, including Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

  • Familiarity with Social Media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram, posting, reels, videos, and live updates

  • Excellent writing and communication skills

  • Great attention to detail and well organized

  • An interest in community outreach, engagement, and program development.

  • An interest in plant-based nutrition

  • Access to reliable transportation (whether vehicle or public)


  • Promote Drink Our Hi-G’s mission to create healthier communities

  • Event Planning

  • Literature Review

  • Data Collection & Data Input: Assist with data collections as instructed based on specific activities (surveys, focus groups, documentary development)

  • Education & Community Outreach

  • Marketing

  • Resource development

  • Networking

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