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In honor of my dear father, Wilfred Wikkeling, a man who loved life and loved tradition.

I always love you and treasure the inspiration you have given me to work hard and laugh even harder.

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About Our Journey

Tea Journey, Tea, Hibiscus and Ginger Tea, Organic Tea, Loose Leaf Tea, New York, Florida,

Our journey is marked by my early love for plants, flowers, roots, fruits and spices, truly Caribbean! While tea is often associated with Western and Asian cultures, Caribbean communities have been consuming tea for centuries, and have used all kinds of natural growing plants for medicinal and entertainment purposes.

I also have a passion for promoting health and wellness, and preventing disease. When I was in college, I used to drink tea to relax, during intense exam time, based on memories going back to my Suriname/Caribbean roots known for relying on herbs and spices to heal all physical ailments, create all kinds of party drinks like ginger beer, hibiscus and ginger (Sorrel), party cocktails, and grandma's tea.

Years later, while taking care of my Dad, my sister and I tried to include some herbal teas to relieve some of his symptoms. Dad left us way too soon, but in his memory, I decided to hold on to Caribbean family traditions, some of which resembled those I encountered in my academic journey. After months of discussion, tasting and researching what I knew, read, hear, and shared with some tea lovers, public health professionals and other community members, Drink Our Hi-G was born. We offer a variety of teas and tisanes, herbs and spices with various health benefits, and we try to reduce information overload, carefully handcraft tea blends, while addressing multiple health issues.

We appreciate and are grateful for our tradition, culture. What we know, has a lot to do with our health and well-being...and nutrition behavior impacts quality of life and longevity.


While I turned my grief into joy , my team and I are helping others find a way to have fun and focus on health at the same time. Healthy living includes enjoying what you consume, as my father always did. He prepared his drinks and foods with excitement in anticipation of the transformation he would experience with the fruits, roots and spices of Mother nature. Let's do the same! Will you join our Mother/Daugher team on this colorful, artistic journey towards health and wellness!?

Our Mission 

To share a fun-filled experience with teas, herbs, flowers, fruits and spices, and create healthier communities.

Our Vision 

A world where consumption of natural, and organic tea products is a daily routine, thereby creating healthier communities


Our  Purpose 

To keep it simple and bring you all you need in a boutique style collection of handcrafted teas and tisanes artistically blended with your health and wellness in mind.

Our  Brand Promise 

To inform, educate and entertain our customers with tea products that benefit you.

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