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Welcome to The Hibiscus Health Club

Commit to a time of learning all about tea and plant-based lifestyle experiences that will change your life! We help you to take actionable steps you can take and learn how your daily nutrition behavior will work for your unique lifestyle.


Creating Healthier Communities

Meet Dr. Ludmilla, also known as “The Tea Lady” is a Suriname American  Lifestyle and Behavioral Coach, and public health expert with extensive experience helping others change their lifestyle, using tea products, and inspiring them to create healthier communities.


In 2015, after loosing her dear father, she turned her grief and tears into action and established Drink Our Hi-G, a loose leaf tea company where she does not merely sell tea. She clearly received and embraced her calling to not only share her story, but help others to find ways to create their own healthy lifestyle, become empowered to take control over their health, and in turn share their story so that others may benefit. 


Education is key, what you don’t know you don’t know. Surely there is a barrage of information on the internet, but..What do you choose? Where do you start? Who can you trust? How much does it cost? How long can you do this? Who is there if you need answers? What if you fail? All these questions are very valid, and Dr. Ludmilla has heard it all. So as a person who loves developing leadership, and empowering those who need it most, Dr. Ludmilla set out to integrate her public health expertise with her plant-based lifestyle and utilize all her God-given talent to develop her own coaching program.

Dr. Ludmilla first created her popular Tea Tasting, which was an immediate hit because people realized they could bring their friends and loved ones together, enjoy tea in all forms, for internal and external use, through a virtual medium where wellness and gut health are at the center of her program. After multiple requests to expand her program, Dr. Ludmilla finally developed her Coaching program, The Hibiscus Health Club, and here we are! 

Dr. Ludmilla specializes in plant-based nutrition and transitioning, weight loss, and eating for your health first, while understanding the critical role of gut health in all aspects of life. She creatively uses a boutique selection of tea blends, sourced fairly and with her clients in mind, and has created a coaching program that will benefit all ages.

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What to Expect?

Develop Daily Habits

Use building blocks for optimal health and begin a journey towards healing and longevity!

Learn how nutrition can change your life

Commit to learning about how food affects your body and what you can do with the information

Develop Your Personal Support

Find out how you can develop a support group while you are on this journey of a lifetime!

Connecting &

Everyone needs someone, we were not designed to walk this journey alone, so let's get you connected to an amazing community that is on the same journey!

Have any questions? Submit your inquiry! We will get back to you in ~24hrs and look forward to serving you!
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