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Tea is a beverage that is best when consumed together, so we offer Virtual Tea Tasting to do just that. Our Virtual Tea Tasting events include 3-4 different teas and/or tisanes. We go beyond traditional herbs and introduce you to less common ones that have amazing health benefits. We will discuss which ingredients are calming, relaxing, supporting detox, sleep, digestion, weight loss, blood pressure, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial responses, brain boosters, skin care, hair care, and more. We invite you to ask questions and share your tea experience with us.

Topics you. can expect during our Virtual Tea Tasting:

1) Overview of the origins of tea

2) Why loose leaf tea

3) The role of tea in health and wellness

4) Diversity in tea tradition

5) Tea for Immune Support

6) Tea for Skin and Beauty, created to help keep you healthy and glowing from the comfort of your own home, and includes tea for your face and your feet. Instructions for preparing your skin for this event will follow after you book your date.

7) Tea and entertainment

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