White Ginger | Rwanda White Tips

White Ginger | Rwanda White Tips


Ingredients: Rwanda White Tips, Ginger an Lemon


Why drink our White Ginger Blend?

This blend of organic white tea leaves, and dried ginger is an attractive hand-crafted blend of tea, infused with the citrus flavors of dried lemon peel, perfect as summer iced tea. Among all the Camellia Sinensis tea leaves (to include Oolong, Black (Pu’ erh – a special variety with its own unique preparation), Green (oxidized), and White (non-oxidized) teas), white tea leaves provide the gentlest flavors and undergo minimal processing. It is naturally high in antioxidants, while ginger provides anti-inflammatory properties. This tea contains caffeine.


Note: As of 2021 our White Tea leaves will  be sourced directly from the amazing hills of Rwanda. White tea is the lightest in flavor and color of all types of tea from the Camellia Sinensis plant. The leaves are hand-picked only in the morning when the buds are open, then lightly oxidized and carefully sun-dried. This process allows for the highest count of antioxidants with the least amount of machine processing. It offers an earthy and fresh flavor, with floral notes.


  • No sweeteners, preservatives or artificial flavoring added
  • 100% natural, contains natural caffeine found in the L. Camellia Sinensis family
  • Steeping time: 4-5 minutes for 250 mll/8fl.oz - (80 °C/175 °F boiling water) with 2-3 teaspoons of loose-leaf tea (re-steep up to 3 times)If you use an infuser, it is best to remove the infuser after your tea is done steeping. Note that while teas may be used for multiple infusions, ultimately this is influenced by your preferred strength of tea and personal experience, although there are differing opinions about optimal tea brewing. Find out what suits you best and enjoy the experience!



Learn more about our white tea blends at https://www.drinkourhig.com/

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