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Variety White - Virtual Tea Kit, Virtual Tea Tasting, Virtual Events

Virtual Tea Tasting includes four (4) of our White teas (from the Camelia Sinensis family). Experience the luxurious brews of White leaves from China to Rwanda. You will leave this event with a better appreciation for white tea leaves, which are not much talked about but have amazing benefits!


Tea and Me - Scheduling Your Virtual Tea Event:

Most of us have an established paradigm of tea, based on our experiences earlier on in life, or those passed down from generations before us. We offer an experience to share the way we see and use tea, in a way that is beneficial, physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

With 60 minutes and unique green tea blends, we describe and explain creative ways to incorporate tea into your life.


We offer tea tastings every day, except Sundays.

If you have further questions, please contact us to schedule your Virtual Tea Event and have your questions answered, at

Variety White - Virtual Tea Kit

  • You and your  guests will join our us via Zoom for a fun-filled time together, while we guide everyone through moments of self-care using tea from the inside out with products from our boutique tea collection.
    And, of course, there will be plenty of time to have fun with your guests!

    Where do I start?

    • Organize your friends and family for your Virtual Tea Event.
    • Coordinate a date and time that works for your guests.
    • Set the date for your Virtual Tea Event (or contact us to discuss options

    We will contact you by email and confirm your date and time, and the size of your group.

    • We will contact you to confirm the date and time of your Virtual Tea Spa.
    • We will provide you with the ingredients you need for your Virtual Tea Spa.
    • We ship the Virtual Tea Spa kits to all registered guests.

    You discuss with your guests, and email them the details we sent to you.

    • Email your group to share the details to book and pay for the Virtual Tea Event, or we send you an invoice for the entire event (request by email -
    • When we send you reminders, you follow-up with your group to remind them of the date/time and how to prepare for the Virtual Tea Event.

    We guide all of you through the tea tasting, facial and foot soak

    • We will initiate the Zoom Video Conference Call for your guests.
    • We will guide your guests through the Virtual Tea Event according to the pre-determined plan we agreed upon.
    • We will sign-off the call at the conclusion of the Virtual Tea Event so you can continue your party.
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