Red, White & Blue Tea Gift Box - (Hibiscus,White Tea and Butterfly Pea blends)

Red, White & Blue Tea Gift Box - (Hibiscus,White Tea and Butterfly Pea blends)


We have a creative Tea Giftbox for you that fits any occasion! Try this mix of teas and tisanes, a great gift for tea lovers, or those who are just beginning their new journey drinking teas, herbs, flowers, roots and spices.

Each blend is filled with antioxidants, may help lower blood pressure and blood fat levels, and promote weight loos while they contain compounds that help fight cancer-causing agents, help with skin care and anti-aging.

This is a healthy alternative, and a creative way to incorporate new flavors into beverage consumption.  Each of our blends represents our passion for tea and tisanes and focuses on your health and wellness any time.


This gift box includes the following colorful red, white and blue blends that are wonderful to serve any time and make a great statement for national holidays!
-Spiced Hibiscus (hibiscus infused with ginger, dates and spices) - no caffeine
-White Ginger (Silver Needle White tea, Ginger and lemon peel) - caffeine
-Butterfly Pea Lemon Mint (dried butterfly pea leaves from Thailand, with lemon, lemongrass, oat straw, holy basil, and peppermint) - no caffeine


-No sweeteners, preservatives or artificial flavoring
-100% organic, Fair Trade , and plastic-free. Our package is fancy, eco-friendly, elegant and reusable, presented in 3.5 oz glass jars.

-If you use an infuser, it is best to remove the infuser after your tea is done steeping. Note that while teas may be used for multiple infusions, ultimately this is influenced by your preferred strength of tea and personal experience, although there are differing opinions about optimal tea brewing. Find out what suits you best and enjoy the experience!


Immune Booster Tip:

Hibiscus tea comes from the flowers of the hibiscus plant. Hibiscus is a well known natural diuretic. It has also shown to have positive effects on high blood pressure can help lower high blood pressure. It can also fight oxidative stress. Hibiscus tea has a significant impact on blood lipid levels as well. Hence, incorporating hibiscus tea in your diet will serve you with immunity-boosting effects in the COVID-19 period.


Butterfly Pea flower is said to improve the immune system, manage weight, reduce stress and anxiety, regulate blood pressure and used for many centuries in Ayurvedic for overall wellness.


Lemongrass is a powerful antioxidant and that is why we have crafted our White Tea blend, which includes ginger, lemon and lemongrass. The anti-inflammatory and calming White Tea is a great detox remedy. Together the ingredients strike a delicate balance in taste, body and mind.

 Self-Care starts with Tea

Our Vision - A world wherein the consumption of natural, and organic tea products is a daily routine.

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