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Tea Favors for All Occasions (100% Cotton)

We create sets of handcrafted Tea Favors for all occasions

From Corporate Events to Baby Shower, Christening/Baptism, Bridal Shower, Weddings, Sorority events, or just for fun.


Our favors come in 100% cotton fabrics, in beige, white, grey or earthy colors (we offer florals and patterns in our next selection). All tea pouches include 1-2 oz of loose leaf tea or tea bath salts, with personalization options.


Additionally, we provide the option to include:

- A 1oz sample of 100% Organic Cinnamon-Infused Cane Sugar or 100% Organic Ginger-Infused Cane Sugar


We provide a free consultation to discuss your desired outcome from the color of your fabric, to the tea of choice (provided the blend of choice is within the range of tea blends we offer - click here to pick your blend).  

For orders of more than 25, we need at least 2 weeks notice. 


We work with you all the way!


Our 100% cotton fabrics are a sign of our commitment to the environment, to reduce clothing pollution and the risk of brandnew fabrics ending up in landfills which creates toxicity. Our new fabrics are easy to carry with you on travel, or keep in your purse or bag at work, so you can always have your favorite tea in your cup.



IMPORTANT: Send us a message if you have questions at! We walk you through the entire order to make sure you get what you want, your happiness and satisfaction is our first priority:-)




The Tea Pouch - Saving the environment from Clothing Pollution

We recognize the need to be sustainable and environmentally conscious so we have decided to use fabric, instead of paper or plastic, which can add to harmful environmental waste. When textiles and fabrics end up in landfills they create greenhouse gases, so we help textile businesses with their overstock by using brand new left over fabrics as part of our commitment to diminish wastes that contribute to climate change.


The main benefit of textile is the opportunity for us to provide you with stylish fabric Tea Pouch to package your tea bath salts and carry your loose leaf tea on the go.

Tea Favors for All Occasions (100% Cotton)

PriceFrom $8.50
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