Tea Tasting Kit

Tea Tasting Kit


What's in your Tea Tasting Kit ?

Our Tea Tasting Kit includes everything you need for a fun experience:

4 samples (3.5oz glass jars) of our green and white teas (caffeinated), hibiscus, butterfly pea and chamomile blends (non-caffeinated)

1 stainless steel infuser to make it easy for you to participate.

1 pouch of ginger-infused cane sugar, to explore the use of sweeteners for those who have a sweet tooth and just can't live without adding sweetener to their drinks

1 pouch of dates, a wonderful snack with added fiber

1 pouch of cookies to clear your palate in between tea tastings


We mix caffeinated and non-caffeinated blends, however, if you have a preference for specific tea types within our collection, please inform us. Contact us at info@drinkourhig.com and we will be happy to accommodate you. Remember, this is all about having fun while we share our tea experiences!


We offer Virtual Tea Tastings for groups of at least 2 persons. We have hosted corporate events, baby showers, private meetings, and restaurants. Order your virtual tea-tasting kit, and invite colleagues, friends and loved ones to share in an experience to release any stresses, free your mind from daily routines. Take time and focus on self-care starting with some creative tea blends that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine for your health and wellness.


We currently offer glass tea pots for an additional:

-$15.00 - 400 ml

-$20.00 - 750 ml


What can I expect from my Virtual Tea Tasting Event? If you were looking for a fun activity while working from home, away from friends and loved ones, or trying to figure out a creative way to celebrate a birthday, baby shower, engagement, corporate event or other events you've come to the right place! Let Drink Our Hi-G bring the art of tea tasting right to your (virtual) space!


About Virtual Tea Tasting as we see it: Drink Our Hi-G is taking tea tasting to your home, in virtual space! Attendees will discover or rediscover their favorite tea through tasting and evaluating four different carefully handcrafted Green, White, and Herbal teas, fairly sourced and organically grown. This event will be offered on a date proposed when you order your Tea Tasting Kit.


Some topics you can expect:

1. Experience of tea drinking in different parts of the world

2. Brewing teas and tisanes

3. Creativity in preparing your teas/tisanes

4. Ways to store your teas/tisanes

5. Q & A throughout the event (using chat messaging system to exchange communication)


Preparing for your Virtual Tea Tasting: Once you purchase your Tea Tasting Kit, we will email you details regarding the event, including any items you will need. We will confirm the date requested when you ordered the Tea Tasting Kit(s) and provide you with a Zoom link to join us.

All guests will receive a store-wide discount of 15% on any of our products. Bulk discounts are available for large groups.


Feel free to contact us at info@drinkourhig.com if you have any questions about how to arrange a virtual tea tasting party for your group.



Tea Tasting Kit

Our Vision - A world where consumption of natural, and organic tea products is a daily routine.

 Self-Care starts with Tea

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