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Rwanda Green Tea,  Holy Basil, Oatstraw, Oat Straw, Pure Rwandan Lemongrass, Hibiscus, and Rose Petals

Each cup can be re-infused at least 2-3 times!


Ingredients: Rwanda Green Tea,  Holy Basil, Oatstraw, Oat Straw, Pure Rwandan Lemongrass, Hibiscus, and Rose Petals 


Why drink our Green ImmuniTEA?


When you need a simple and effective immune boost, look towards green tea which strengthens and supports the immune system in several significant ways. Green tea has long been recognized as having powerful antiviral properties. Tea actually alters the structure of the virus itself, which suppresses the ability of the virus to cause an infection. EGCG has the ability to attach to the cell membrane of the flu virus. EGCG binds to a glycoprotein on the flu virus called hemagglutinin, which blocks the ability of the virus to infect other cells. This makes green tea a potent weapon against contracting the flu, and can aid in a quick recovery as well. 

Lemongrass has antioxidant properties, as per a study published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry. These antioxidants can help fight the free radicals in your body. Lemongrass also has antimicrobial properties to treat oran infections, and it helps with digestion.

Hibiscus tea comes from the flowers of the hibiscus plant. Hibiscus is a well known natural diuretic. It has also shown to have positive effects on high blood pressure can help lower high blood pressure. It can also fight oxidative stress. Hibiscus tea has a significant impact on blood lipid levels as well. 

Hence, incorporating these teas and herbs in your diet will serve you with immunity-boosting effects in this season.


  • No sweeteners, preservatives or artificial flavoring
  • 100% natural, contains natural caffeine found in the L. Camellia Sinensis family grown in Rwanda
  • Use 2 teaspoons for hot tea, or 1 full tablespoon and half the amount of water for iced-tea. Once the steeping time is reached, add some ice (which serves to dilute the stronger iced tea just a little), and enjoy! Shake well before use, to get a balanced amount of ingredients in your cup.
  • Steeping time: 5 minutes for 250 mll/8fl.oz - Water that has barely reached a boil and then cooled a couple of minutes is ideal for green teas. Try to use 160 – 185ºF (71 – 85ºC).
  • If you use an infuser, it is best to remove the infuser after your tea is done steeping. Note that while teas may be used for multiple infusions, ultimately this is influenced by your preferred strength of tea and personal experience, although there are differing opinions about optimal tea brewing. Find out what suits you best and enjoy the experience!


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Note: Pregnant or nursing women should consult with a physician before consuming Tulsi.

Green ImmuniTEA

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