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Hi=Hibiscus and G=Ginger, our two most favorite and best kept secrets for addressing a multitude of health issues and creating the most delicious Hibiscus and Ginger tea, iced-tea, and tea cocktails.  I was introduced to these two miracle ingredients as a child, from a Suriname family. Herbs, fruits, roots and spices were used to heal all ails. When I was taking care of my father, rather than putting my faith in the traditional medicine, I turned to Hibiscus and Ginger Tea, Turmeric Tea, and more. I quickly realized we do not need too many ingredients but there are a few that are very beneficial to aid in the relief of chronic disease symptoms and mental health. Furthermore tea is the second most sought after beverage after water, and its soothing, comforting properties are simply fantastic. Tea when blended with fruits, roots, flowers and herbs, is also very colorful, which makes it entertaining for all occasions. We did not need more convincing that an online tea shop was the appropriate legacy to honor my Dad, and thus Drink Our Hi-G was born. Keep reading...

No need to scroll through pages of tea options. Visit our boutique style tea collection where we infuse our blends with a number of amazing colorful flowers such as Hibiscus, fruits, roots and spices like Ginger, to aid in the art of healing (physical and mental), energy boosting, and so much more! If you are looking for favors to entertain guests or thinking of the perfect gift for a friend/family member, look no further. We create tea gifts and favors that make you come back for more.


It's not too late for a delicious Iced-Tea!

Summer may be over, but tea time isn't! There is still time for creativiTEA in preparing iced-tea for any occasion. Whether you need a break at the office or at home, soothe yourself, enjoy a moment of self-care and prepare iced-tea with our new series of butterfly pea and hibiscus tea blends.

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You don't need to scroll through a barrage of options before you can make up your mind. You can be very creative with our loose-leaf tea options and prepare amazingly delicious, colorful and healthy hot teas and iced teas that will keep you coming back for more, and keep you feeling good all around. 

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Your kitchen cabinet won't be complete without some Hi-G!

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Our journey is marked by a passion for health and wellness, continuing the legacy of my father, who immigrated to the United States with a family of 6 and worked tirelessly to work the American Dream, my drive to turn my tears over his loss into a joy to create healthier communities and my early love for plants, flowers, roots, fruits and spices, truly Caribbean! The art of tea blending seemed so complex, but as I dove further into the practice of blending teas, and flowers, and herbs and spices, I recognized that we are different from the traditional online tea shop.

We use our boutique selection of tea and tisane blends to inspire hope, joy and laughter, something my father always had. It does not take many tea blends to do so. We keep it simple, we make it fun, we make it accessible, through out tea tasting, and we show you how a cup of tea can change your life, the way you feel, on a daily basis. This our tea journey. 

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Our collection of teas and tisanes was created by a team of tea lovers and tea connoisseurs to explore hand-crafted blends for any occasion and for all age groups.

Caribbean and African people have been drinking tea for centuries, and used the art of tea blending to heal anything from a simple cut to a serious internal mass. Quite as it is kept, the Camelia Sinensis plant grown in East African countries has won international acclamations for its aroma and taste. Tea from East Africa is among the most popular beverage served in cafes and restaurants. In 2018, Rwanda tea generated around $88 million last year with a value that is expected to increase to $92 million in 2018, making it Rwanda’s most valuable export. 

We share our love for Rwanda tea in our green tea and white tea blends, and don't stop there! The art of tea blending, can be seen in our signature hibiscus and ginger tea blend and more.

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Enjoy discovering tea and tisane blends with tea leaves, tea flowers, tea herbs, tea spices, tea roots, and tea fruits every month. Our tea blends are  sourced from organic farms from around the world, delivered right to your doorstep!

The Hibiscus Tea Club is a monthly membership club that allows you to incorporate a simple step towards your health and wellness with one/two of our hand-crafted loose-leaf teas or tisanes without leaving your home. 

You can get creative with your subscription and use this as your gifting as your list of holiday gifts and birthday gifts increases. Reach out and touch someone with the gift of tea and share our ideas for self-care with your tea fans, or tea newbies.

 Self-Care starts with Tea

Our Vision - A world where consumption of natural, and organic tea products is a daily routine.

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