October Tea Gift Box_6

The Perfect Gift the Holidays! 


We put together some tea and tisane blends that are easy to brew, fun on the road, full of flavor and as colorful as the seasons! Sip and Sooth yourself, one blend at a time.

Tea Gift Boxes

All Tea Gift Boxes include 100% Organic, fairly sourced tea products, handcrafted just for you.

Tea products are packaged in wooden pulp tea bags, and colorful wrappings to make it easy for you to begin enjoying your loose leaf tea. Organic cane sugar products are packaged in glass containers. Easy to recycle, reuse and reduce waste, as we work towards a clean environment.

Our Tea Collection is vegan because we do not use added ingredients, such as honey, dairy products, and natural flavoring. The packaging in which tea comes in is also vegan.

Check out our tea ware for options to make your gift even more special!